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It is impossible to avoid digital screens in today’s digital times, which means more eyestrain, disrupted circadian rhythms, and retinal damage. Our products minimize damage from blue light, providing multi-layer protection for your eyes.

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Client Feedback
  • ‘‘My son’s obsession with video games has led to weakened vision at such a young age. Thanks to these glasses, I am no longer panicking about it‘‘

    Chris Becker
  • ‘‘The glasses were delivered the same day, man. Loved the customer service!‘‘

    Bella Xander
  • ‘‘ The new glasses have been a great change in my life, especially in reducing the frequency of headaches I had after nine hours of uninterrupted screen usage. ‘‘

    Mona Carrington
  • ‘‘I absolutely love the eye sleepwear. It helps me block everything and fall asleep, which means I wake up less grumpy every morning. Haha ‘‘

    Mikael Henry
  • ‘‘I am glad someone is taking the issue seriously. These digital screens will get us all blind one day. Thanks for the initiative‘‘

    Albena Francis
  • ‘‘Thanks to Jacob for helping me with the right glasses for my face shape. I loved the glasses!‘‘

    Mathew Jr.
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