Do Anti Blue Light Glasses work?

Have you ever heard about blue light and its impact on your eyes? If no, you must be aware of this as it can cause severe effects on your overall health. Researchers and medical experts all over the world are studying its impact and how can they mitigate it. Anti-blue light glasses are a new phenomenon that many consider the ultimate solution for reducing the adverse effects of blue light. Anti-blue light glasses are becoming popular with every passing day, but how effective are they at keeping your eyes healthy? Here, we will analyze their effectiveness through discussing scientific research behind blue light glasses and whether they work.

What is blue light?

Sunlight consists of various kinds of coloured light such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, each with a different wavelength and energy level. Combinations of this spectrum of coloured light rays create ‘white light’ or sunlight.

Blue light is just one kind of coloured light within this light spectrum, generally known as ‘visible light’.

It has a short wavelength and high energy levels. We get maximum blue light from the Sun. However, many manufactured sources produce blue light, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and other digital screens, and all emit blue light.

Anti-blue light blocking glasses aid in reducing eye strain?

Blue light emitted from the computers causes eye strain, which mainly forces people to buy Anti-blue light glasses. Medical experts also advise people to use these glasses while using digital devices as they know that they cause eye strain. In addition, eye strain could also occur due to some other reasons. For instance, if people spend too much time concentrating and looking at a screen, their eyes can become fatigued.

Eye strain happens because your eyes have to shift their concentration continually while looking at digital screens. Moreover, whenever people sit too close can also strain their eyes. Finally, when your glasses glare reflected onto your digital screen or glasses lenses from nearby light sources can also cause your eyes to squint and strain.

Anti-blue light blocking glasses aid in preventing retinal damage?

Cell culture experiments and animal studies have often shown that blue light could damage the retina of our eyes. It has been observed that people wearing Anti-blue light glasses feel a significant difference in just a few days. It means that they are beneficial for reducing the risk or progression of retinal conditions such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Anti-blue light blocking glasses solve Sleep Issues

According to a research study on 58 PD patients, 74% of respondents revealed that they observed subjective improvements in their night-time sleep, daytime sleepiness, depressive symptoms, motor functioning after using Anti-blue light glasses. Anti-Blue light glasses have been introduced as a possible new treatment option in this research to handle sleep disturbances in patients having Parkinson disease (PD).

In addition to this study, it has been observed that Blue light therapy seems to affect sleep, mood positively, and motor symptoms in PD.

Bottom Line

Computers, televisions, phones, and tablets all radiate blue light. The blue light produced by these devices causes eye strain and vision damage due to long-term exposure. Therefore, hurry up and buy a pair of these glasses. If you plan to buy, you can contact phocom that has one of the best quality Anti-blue light glasses in the USA. In addition, its collection contains exclusive designs available at reasonable prices. Moreover, it has a top-quality customer service department, which provides 24/7 customer support services without interruption. These services help them to get complete information about the products.