What are the Various kinds of Eye Protection Glasses? Which one’s the best?

Nowadays, it is challenging to avoid digital devices as our lives revolve around them. They have brought the whole world to our fingertips. You can even order your food and apparel by just sitting at your home. However, there are some disadvantages connected with using these digital devices, and blue light is one of them. It can badly affect the working of our eyes as it can cause serious diseases such as macular degeneration and sleep disorders. Therefore, it is highly crucial to protect the eyes from the ill effects of blue light. People use different eye protection to safeguard their eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. According to our information following are the most effective Eye Protection Glasses to safeguard sensitive parts of our eyes.

Types of Eye Protection Glasses

Clear lenses eye protection glasses

The clear lenses eye protection glasses can block out a maximum of 40% of blue light. These eye protection function best to alleviate digital eye strain and improve energy and focus throughout the day. These kinds of glasses also help us to see actual colours on screens. These kinds of eye protection are most popular as they could be easily used in corporate and social settings.

Yellow lenses Eye protection glasses

The eye protection glasses manufactured from yellow lenses can block a maximum of 50 % of blue light. These lenses are incredibly effective in obstructing almost two times as much trash light as clear lenses. It is fascinating to note that yellow lenses don’t block 100% of blue light as it works on a rule that the body requires some blue light to keep ourselves alert and active.

Orange lenses Eye Protection Glasses

The NASA scientists were the first ones to use the orange lenses during their space operations. But eye protection created from orange lenses are not so effective compared to the clear lenses glasses. They block too much blue light in the daytime. As it blocks approximately 75 % blue light during the day, that is not so desirable.

Red lenses Eye Protection Glasses

Eye Protection made from red lenses can block up to 100% blue, green and violet light. Each day the sun goes down under the horizon every night, and the sky emits hot colours till it’s dark. Red lenses Eye Protection can create a similar effect by reducing the lights, even if you still have them on in the hours till bedtime. However, we have to remember that not all red lenses have the same kinds of capabilities. Therefore, it is the user’s responsibility to choose the correct red-eye protection according to their requirements. Preferably, the user mostly requires to hunt for lenses that stop as much blue, green, and violet light as possible. Therefore, customers have to select the appropriate red lenses that don’t disrupt their sleep.


Life is not complete without healthy eyes, as human life is dependent on them. Therefore, humans must wholly emphasise the safety and security of their eyes. Here, eye protection could play an important in the overall protection of the eyes. However, we have to be extremely cautious while choosing eye protection . We have discussed different kinds of eye protection above. They all have some kinds of disadvantages and advantages. However, I think clear lenses eye protection are the most effective safety glasses as they work best in the day and night in blocking the blue light according to the requirement of the situation.